For Reviewers

Scientific articles undergo the following review process

  1. Articles are reviewed through the recruitment and reviewing system of SENIR articles.
  2. Articles are reviewed on a review form used in the Publishing House of the University of Economics.  Download form
  3. A reviewer of an article published in a scientific journal is an independent researcher dealing with the scientific area which is the subject of a publication (in justified cases it is acceptable to derogate from this rule).
  4. There is no conflict of interest between the author of an article and a reviewer, which is considered to include direct personal relationships (consanguinity, legal ties, conflict), professional subordination relations, direct scientific cooperation in the last two years.
  5. An article is reviewed by two independent reviewers.
  6. A review shall be regarded as negative if in at least one of the following three criteria of the assessment an article has got a failing grade:
    • test methods used,
    • level of knowledge,
    • selection and use of subject literature.
  7. The condition for accepting the article for publication is obtaining two positive reviews.
  8. In justified cases an article may be referred to the third review if two earlier reviews in at least one of the following assessment criteria:
    •  test methods used,
    •  level of knowledge,
    •  selection and use of subject literature included extreme grades (fail – very good).
  9. The family names of reviewers of an article included in a scientific journal are not known to the persons concerned (an author).
  10. A list of reviewers of a journal is published in the last issue of the journal in a given year.